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Seo, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, Different names, one truth.

As the Seo Manchester specialists we work your website to climb up to the top of the search engines and collect those all important leads.

Very different from the likes of PPC; SEO is the art of physically working with the search engines so they climb up to the top of the search engines with the chosen key phrase/s naturally. Once you are at the top end of the search engines, unlike PPC, you do not pay for every potential customer who clicks on your listing.

The search engines hold a great deal of value for those web businesses who can achieve a top ranking position.

Our Services

Tailored to your needs.

  • Cost effective
  • Greater Exposure
  • Brand Enhancement
  • Laser targeted traffic
  • Competitive advantage

As the SEO Manchester specialists, we guarantee to get your website to the top third position or higher on Google UK or no final payment.

We offer a fully white hatted Seo service.

We review all aspects of your competitors, highlighting the key phrases that your potential customer are typing into the search engines.

We review all aspects with regards to the on page optimisation, that is writing all the relevant tags, ensuring the content is suitable with your requirements, ensuring that the internal link structure is best suited to achieving the greatest results possible.

Once we have achieved all aspects of on page optimisation, we work with our experienced team to build up suitable back links, back links that point to your website with your specific key phrases.

Back links are a vital step in quality search engine optimisation.

In closing , every fourteen days, we provide you a personalised report, highlighting exactly where you are positioned on the search engines, along with an expected due date.

Most projects we guarantee to deliver your website to “top three or above” on Google UK or no final payment.

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