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Recruitment is digital

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Steve Hyde, Chair of REC MMC said:

Using technology in the recruitment process is a reality and a change that we should pro-actively embrace. The world around us is evolving, as an industry we need to adapt.

Here at UK Best Web Marketing, we make this evolution process a reality. Daily we speak with recruitment consultants and recruitment agency business owners and daily we come to the acceptable truth, the internet has revolutionised recruitment.

How the candidate seeks out work has changed, how individuals communicate with each other has changed..

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Of course there are those individuals who will claim that these social networks and the internet is itself is a smoke screen, and that quality recruitment is quality recruitment.

This of course does hold certain truths, relationship building is key in recruitment, however all said and done, when we consider exactly what is going on out there:

Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Groups, Search Engines, Job alerts, Candidate filtering and Database Development to name a few. And then we stop to observe how the internet has changed recruitment in the last twelve months alone.

It becomes clear that this is not a new thing any more rather a process of recruitment that many recruitment agencies are very much embracing as the critical business vimax semenax perfect site i like it process today.

With hands on experience supporting one of the fastest growing free to post job boards specific to the UK Recruitment agency. Here at UK Best Web Marketing, we know recruitment.

With proven technology and practices, we build websites and marketing strategies with the purpose of brand awareness and conversion of candidates and vacancies.

Providing a full consultation service, we are truly able to focus on your bottom line:

Reducing your spend with the job boards and pulling candidates and clients in ways you did not see possible. Pioneer your database, communicate with your database, give your business the unique selling position is deserves.

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