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Pilates in Clapham

Posted by admin in Featured Projects on 17th May 2015

Pilates is a method of body conditioning which strengthens the body from the inside out, rebalancing the muscle groups and improving posture, strength, muscle tone, flexibility and overall muscle function. custodia iphone It targets the core stabilising muscles of the torso which support the spine, strengthening them through controlled, thoughtful movement exercises. custodia iphone This encourages better patterns of movement, posture, body awareness and release of tension. custodia cover iphone Pilates is accessible to everyone regardless of physical fitness. custodia iphone It can be very gentle and relaxing or a very demanding workout. Pilates is practised by a huge range of people from children to the elderly, and from professional dancers and athletes to people recovering from injuries and surgery. custodia cover samsung No matter what level you are working at, you will feel the benefits both physically and mentally.

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