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Will Facebook Graph Search Be the end for Google UK?

Posted by admin in Blog,Facebook Marketing,General Web Marketing on 9th July 2013

Will Facebook Graph Search Be the end for Google UK?  


This morning I read a really fantastic article on the changes Facebook is making over the coming months.
In a nut shell Facebook is perfecting their Edge Rank System and Graph Search.

A system that records everything and Yes just like a search engine they are making suggestions on what you as their user wants to see.

See for your self their new search system:

This is Hot of the Press – Not launched yet – But around the corner.

As users, people will search for what they want and YES, Facebook will make suggestions that they believe your potential customer wants to see.

Their system works on genuine Likes.
By the amount of people that are involved in your Page and by Interactions/Comments.
In other words the concept of Buying a bunch of Likes and hoping for the best is truly worthless – you need the interaction.

The point of this post is this.

Here at Web Best Practice. We are daily refining our product strategy to ensure we are maximising the full usage of Facebook and Daily we are perfecting this model.

What you should take from this email:

  • Post Daily and provide good value content.
  • Find targeted Pages and Groups that you can ally up with.
  • Answer all comments to keep your posts Fresh
  • And build up your Likes as when Facebook Graph Search rolls out – the businesses that have put the work in now will massively benefit.

    Have a great week and Keep pushing.

Until then. Brandon.
Web Best Practice.

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