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Where will you be in 2010?

Posted by admin in Blog,Business Matters on 23rd May 2009

Where will you be in 2010? A new year is very much on the horizon – exciting hey! For what it’s worth, I can not actually believe 2010 is around the corner. custodia cover samsung Buy hey there you go! So what are you going to be doing with regards to generating new business – where will you be in 2010? Cold calling, Magazine promo, leaflet dropping, Articles, Radio adds, Email marketing, Seo, Blogging???? Now let me be blunt. custodia cover iphone If you have not included a digital marketing strategy/agenda into your plans. You are quite simply making life difficult for yourself. Especially considering within just a minute you can find a group online and interact. Within just a second you could send every facebook friend an invite to your website. Within just a second you could improve the content of your website to focus your business into more niche territories. custodia iphone

    The list is truly endless.

In reality I write these articles for a number of reasons. The first, it keeps us in touch with you, our potential customer. Number two, we love the subject of web marketing. And number three whether you ever do business with us or not. iphone hoesje We would like to think our ramblings push you in the right direction. That direction is: Search engines, Social, Database development (email marketing), user experience and trend analysis. These five points are the direction we point our company, as they are the aspects of digital marketing, that I believe, all entrepreneurs/ business owners/ marketers need to be aware of. EVERYDAY SINGLE DAY I read articles and reviews, highlighting the simple truth. The digital world is advancing at a phenomenal rate. custodia iphone Impacting ALL. For instance – what our own government is doing on Twitter Other interesting reads are the power giants Linkedin and twitter bridging together with an application The point I am trying to make here, is not to go on about a new social networking tool, yes they exist. custodia iphone What I am trying to do is make you ask the question. Are you best targeting your potential consumers? If not then now is the time to change. Until the next time.

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