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Use your brain, not your budget.

Posted by admin in Blog,Business Matters on 29th May 2009

With over two years experience in the recruitment industry, I will be the first to stand up and say picking up a telephone and cold calling is your bread and butter. custodia cover iphone The problem however with picking up a telephone and for that matter other “outbound techniques”, is simply this, the potential customer is being bombarded with outbound marketing campaigns including cold calls from similar businesses. custodia cover samsung Therefore from a cold perspective, when generating new business I must be at the right place at the right time. When considering this form of outbound marketing, I am sure you will agree, it’s an uphill numbers game? Not to mention timely and expensive? Now consider this: If I want to buy a mobile phone, will I A, review the mobile phone first on the internet or B, take a sales persons word for it??? Once I have made my review, will I A, buy the phone from an expensive shop on the high street or B, go online???? If I am looking for poki poki online a job in sales, will I wait for a recruitment agency to call me??? If I am looking for a recruitment agency to help place a job vacancy, will I wait for the phone to ring????

    NO – If I don’t already have a contact to help me – I will go online.

Why – Because we have become a digital nation. Just as we moved on from the industrial revolution – so the internet has and does influence all aspects of business all over the world. custodia iphone Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Forums and Blogs. custodia cover samsung They are mediums which we use everyday. custodia iphone Whether for social or business –


. custodia iphone And as business owners, just as we are aware of tax implications, so as to expand, we must understand how the internet is affecting us as a society.

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