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Understand your bounce rate

Posted by admin in Blog,Tracking and Trend Analysis on 1st May 2009

For a business there is nothing worse than a consumer arriving at your website, not being truly convinced in the web brand, product or perhaps authenticity of the site and as a consequence leaves, never to be seen again.. custodia iphone Straight back to Google to find another website. iphone hoesje Your Competitor. The meaning of bounce rate is purely a person arriving at a website, not convinced they have arrived at the right place, so they bounce! Clearly this is a huge problem for the website owner. For example, say you get two hundred people arriving at your website every week and the bounce rate is 50%. custodia iphone What this means is 50% of the people arriving at your website are leaving without saying a word. This is even more painful to see when such website owners invest heavily into pay per click and yet still have a ridiculously high bounce rate. custodia cover samsung When we take a moment to review a website. That is what are the pages actually asking the user to do? Then the feel of the pages, is there ease of navigation? From this we begin to build a much clearer picture! When we go that one step further and install the valuable tracking software “Google Analytics” we really start to see statistically what is actually going on… custodia iphone And this is where true web marketing comes into being. Here at UK Best Web Marketing. We stay current with the latest web marketing strategies and techniques to ensure our heightened ability to generate quality traffic and vital to every business owner on the planet-CONVERSION. Current web marketing strategies include Seo, Social Networking and email marketing to generate high quality traffic. We implement full trend analysis and maximise on all aspects of User Experience to ensure maximum conversion ratio. As standard we install Google Analytics and Web master tools on all websites. We offer a competitive high quality service with prices starting from as little as £175. All of our web marketing work is results based and we only ask for a final payment, once our objectives have been met. Guaranteed niche traffic increase or NO Final payment.

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