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If it is not earning you money, ask why.

Posted by admin in Tracking and Trend Analysis on 30th May 2011

Generating the right levels of interest to your website is of course always an issue for the business owners – however if Google Analytics highlights traffic is arriving at your website from Good sources, yet you experience Zero conversion over a reasonable time period. I would suggest you look again at the overall design and pitch – that is your offer and what you want the potential visitor to do when they arrive at your website. custodia iphone In recent time I came across a client, Google Analytics highlighted over one hundred visits a month, ( From genuine sources) true only 100 visits a month – But consider this. Over one year that is 1200 visits and yet Zero conversion? 1200 Visits and yet zero conversion. custodia iphone These are screaming indicators that something is wrong. If you run a website. custodia iphone Ask these vital questions. How many people are arriving at my website in any given month and number two. custodia cover samsung How much money has my website made me this month? In closing there is little point having a website unless it will convert – if it is not converting and there is genuine traffic arriving at the website,I would urge you to review the overall seen, as simply put. custodia cover iphone Traffic is not the only factor in making a sale.

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