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Top 6 Ultimate Tips

Posted by admin in Blog,General Web Marketing on 17th August 2009

Here are my top 6 Ultimate Tips which may well be of interest. Happy marketing.

Quick on-line tips you can do NOW

1. Sign up to Google Business Local

This is a great little way of generating free traffic in your local area.

Simply sign up via the above link.
In the field “Company/Organization” rather than adding the name of your business, add your most valuable key phrase.

For example for me, this would be “Web Marketing Manchester”

There is no guarantee Google will rank you for this keyphrase, but after a few weeks you will definitely see the benefits of doing it.

2. Sign up to a linkedin account.

This is a fantastic way of networking and generating a fast flow of interest.
Once you sign-up, invite your friends and look over their friends.

A great tip is to use the search feature and search for “business owners” or “owner” or “MD”.

By searching by region you can find business owners in your immediate area and introduce yourself.
To give you an example, I often use “Manchester” and “business owner”.

3. Start building a database and newsletter NOW. ITS FREE

I recently discovered a FANTASTIC “easy to use” email marketing tool.

The tool will allow you to send free emails to upto 500 people whenever and however often you like!
In my personal opinion, email marketing is the most valuable thing you can do to create a viable on-line business. A further article will be posted on this soon.

Quick off-line tips, you can do NOW

4. Break down all aspects of your valuable final product

The valuable final product for our company is clearly getting a business’ website to the top of the search engines and generating them a profitable flow of customers.

To achieve this we must be able to deliver – this is our final product.

To deliver our product we must be able to have a stream of customers whom I can work with. Therefore a product of our business is promotion.

Of course other aspects/products include ensuring our business is constantly putting money aside.

Likewise ensuring our business meets all legal requirements.

My point is simply this. By understanding what products within the business exist, I am able to focus on that which matters most

(Product 1) Promotion
(Products 2) Service
(Product 3 ) Administration

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule) This rule very simply implies as a rule of thumb, 80% effect is caused by 20% cause

5. Understand and monitoring your products

As pointed out in step 4) a business is made up of products. When we look at promotion the products of promotion may well include how many cold calls are made in a day, or how many emails are sent out. Only by monitoring how much promotion went out in that very day/ week VS what came back into the business can you begin to understand the trends. Thus reducing the risk factor and allowing you to focus on that which works. There is more to follow on this subject.

6. The value of promotion.

Whether you have £1000 to spend on promotion or NO money to spend on promotion. This does not change the fact, that without outflow/promotion. You cannot hope to generate and sustain a profitable business.

* An individual can pick up a phone.
* An individual can write an email.
* An individual can post articles around the internet
* An individual can drop off leaflets at a LOW cost.

To create any type of successfull business, you must outflow. Further more in keeping with tip 5) you must monitor that flow. Understand it. For every call, email, flyer that goes out what happens???

Until the next time. Happy marketing

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