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Take control and stay focused!

Posted by admin in Blog,Business Matters on 9th July 2009

As web masters, business owners and entrepreneurs, our fundamental objective is to make our lives easier whilst walking the line to achieving our goals.

In life, barriers which generally seem to hinder our progress is lack of money and lack of time. These barriers are intensified with responsibility.

From personal observation, “which I might add took me a long time before I came to realise”; money and time are deeply connected to one another.

What I also came to realise is that whilst you have your health; time is actually the only thing that if used correctly, will generate the money.

Of course the term “ I have responsibilities” will always act as a hindrance towards achieving those desired goals, nevertheless in reality, this comes down to ones ability to take responsibility over ones actions.

Ultimately an individual succeeds as a results of being:

Goal oriented & shrewd time and financial allocation/management

For instance, (reduce/ control the outgoings), you free up more income OR time. Either of which can be re-invested into your action plan.

These are a few reference, which certainly helped me along the way.

The first is:

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule) This rule very simply implies as a rule of thumb 80% effect, is cased by 20% cause

The second was Successful Time Management for Dummies

If something impinges on our life goals, that thing must be faced in order to live with any degree of truth, and of course give us the greatest chance to achieving our goals.

Great achievement comes from both the calculated risk and investment of ones time and energy.

Finally a word on goals. Our society is set-up in such a way that often great men and women burn out well before they achieve their goals and desires, this is not me being negative, it is just an observation.

Things take time, they take perseverance, they take dedication. Often we fall off track, that again is a reality of facing both our goals and fears..

It is only when we get back on do we once again redefine ourself, our purpose, do we experience once again that which we truly love.

Stay on track, stay focused, happy marketing
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