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The power of email marketing

Posted by admin in Blog,Database Development on 29th September 2008

Often many webmaster ask, “I am gaining web traffic, but my conversion is very low, what can we do??” Our answer is simple, catch the potential customer information and develop a relationship with them utilising one of the most powerful ways to reach your potential customers, your mailing list.

Consider for just one second, I arrive at your website, but get distracted and never return, if however I submit my details because of something that appealed to me, this automatically gives you yet another chance at getting them back to your website.

Email Marketing is an affordable and quick way to reach a large number of customers. Furthermore with high quality content that is of specific interest to your potential reader, the results are amazing..

Of course as with any marketing medium there are pros and cons, as well as tips and tricks, to get the job done right. For instance spam emailing to every address you can get a hold of is not the solution for effective email marketing.

The objective is to develop a group of people who actually read your emails and benefit from them.

The idea is create and an opt-in email database. A high quality database that you can rely on. First make sure you have all current and future customer and potential customer emails. Second, utilise a email marketing tool such as Aweber, third create a sign up form on your website; offering something in return such as a free e-book or giveaway. This will ensure potential customers have a reason for handing their details over.

Finally interact and don’t overdo it. Your potential customers do not wish to be bombarded by too many emails. If you want to keep their attention, make sure you include quality content that is of specific interest to them

The final step in successful email marketing is to track the success of what you are doing. There are many different ways to track you results, however will be discussed in up and coming articles on tracking.

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