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The difference between organic search and PPC

Posted by admin in Blog,General Web Marketing on 29th September 2008

There are two different ways for customers to find your website through a search engine. The first is organic results and the second is PPC otherwise known as pay per click. Organic results are the results on the left side of the screen and PPC are the results listed to the right of the screen.
(Since writing this article, Google has introduced local search, therefore it is a bonus that one logs into web master tools and adds their business to the local search feature)

The most important thing to remember when deciding between PPC and organic search is, that which is best for one company may not be for another. For a new company just starting out, the simple fact of the matter is an organic listing will not give you an immediate return, where as PPC will charge per click, with an immediate return.

The objectives of both are to drive quality traffic to your website; the difference is time, cost and business model requirements. For example if your business model is to sell your ability to draw traffic to your website by means of natural search engine presence. PPC is not the answer.

Ideally when starting out you want to use PPC and begin SEO development. In short, implement PPC until your natural presence catches up. As a new website if you’re relying solely on the natural rankings and you cannot afford PPC, you must seriously consider the time it will take to rank naturally and how this will affect your business.

As for organic search results, you can of course outsource your requirements to the likes of a search engine marketing company such as yours truly or of course if budget is tight, you can get to work implementing the strategies and techniques yourself, many of which are discussed throughout

As for PPC, of course you can set this up yourself or again outsource management to the likes of . It is always worth remembering that whilst PPC can have you on the front page of results in a matter of hours, it will only keep you there as long as you are willing to pay for it.

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