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Traffic is irrelevant.

Posted by admin in Blog,Tracking and Trend Analysis on 9th May 2009

Well perhaps that’s not completely true. custodia cover samsung Nevertheless as I march ever forward into the world of search engine optimisation, social networking and database development. It becomes ever more inevitable that perhaps one of the greatest problems we actually face as web masters and business owners is not the reality we are unable to generate traffic to our websites. No, this is certainly achievable! Rather… The real problem lies in the fact we just don’t seem to have a clue what to do when our precious targeted customer arrives at our website and simply leaves without saying a word… What I am refering to is USER EXPERIENCE and TREND ANALYSIS If you take just one key point away from this article. It should be this… A high traffic website does not guarantee a thing. NOT A THING. Maximise on USER EXPERIENCE and TREND ANALYSIS and you automatically upgrade to playing a much bigger game. For instance, have you installed on to your website yet? ITS FREE If you have done go right ahead and login. The bounce gives you a very real picture as to the number of potential customers that are arriving at your website (daily) and simply leaving without saying a word. BAD NEWS – ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE PAYING FOR TRAFFIC.. Inevitably ongoing considerations must include: 1)Observation There is simply no getting away from it. The moment you understand what is going on with the users that are arriving at your website. iphone hoesje The moment you are able to face your responsibility and create a better working model. 2)Experimentation Once you have got your head around, what exactly those users are doing on your website. custodia cover samsung Maximise! Ask the questions, why are they going to that particular page? What are they looking for? Are they finding what they are looking for? Are those pages getting my message across? Final tips to take home The user is looking for a particular product or service. Ensuring your website meets those expectations is the key to successful conversion.. custodia cover iphone Don’t over design, make it complicated and don’t put things in peoples way. It is a fact Google succeeded by keeping it simple – yet in the background they deliver. Keep it fast – people hate delay. Be an Authority – Be honest – Give links to credible sources Always get a second opinion – especially when designing – Always get your customers feedback. custodia iphone Show people your human side Speak your users language And that is it…Deep breath… Any more pointers or thoughts it is always nice to hear from you.

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