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How to index your website in just twenty four hours

Posted by admin in Blog,Search Engine optimisation on 29th May 2008

Finally, all your hard work has paid off. Your newly created website is finished and ready to market! So what’s the next step?

The search engines

Before you will even appear in their listings, you will need to get the search engines interested in your website.

When a website appears in the search engine results, this means the site has been indexed. This is not hard to accomplish and there are many tools at your disposal to help you complete this task.

With several infinite lists of search engines, the three most popular search engines tend to be Google, Yahoo, and MSN. custodia iphone Of course you can submit your site to these search engines using the their submission form, however generally this is not recommended as you can find yourself in a so called sandbox.

In our experience, the following provides the fastest means of getting your website indexed in just twenty four hours.

The first is to create an account at a blogging site and create a short Blog about your new website, these tools are free. Two of the most common blogware sites are WordPress and Blogger. custodia cover samsung Blogs are generally index ed more frequent as content is added to them on a regular basis. custodia iphone In short you create your Blog, with links to your site, the search engines by default follow the links they find in this case straight to your new website.

Forums and blogs are a great way to increase the number of times your website is indexed, as the likes of Google will index active relevant forums and blogs on a more regular basis. custodia cover iphone Joining these relevant forums and blogs, furthermore leaving quality comments along with your web sites signature inevitably will guarantee your website is indexed fast, furthermore there is a good chance you may even get a back link for your effort. custodia cover iphone

Another great way to index your website in as little as twenty four hours is to use social bookmarking sites. Two of the best sites available are Digg and StumbleUpon. It will not only increase the amount of hits on your web pages, but the search engines will quickly index your site.

Final tip is that of sitemaps, the likes of Google state in their guidelines that adding a sitemap to your website and submitting to Google webmaster tools will help their search engine better understand your website. custodia iphone Of course this does not actually guarantee they will automatically index your website, however it does ensure you are doing what x % percentage of web masters do not do, follow the Google guidelines

The above steps if done right will ensure your website is indexed within just twenty four hours. The above suggestions can be accomplished in a very short period of time, furthermore can and should be continued as part of your online marketing strategy.

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