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Fatal Seo On page mistakes

Posted by admin in Blog,Search Engine optimisation on 14th May 2008

Seo, SEM, internet marketing; many names, only one truth. custodia iphone Seo is the art of defining that perfect balance to ensure your website appears at the top of the search engines with your chosen keywords. The following highlights some of the fatal areas that will stop your website appearing at the top of the search engines.Remember Seo is not about one thing; it is about mixing a variety of things to create that perfect out come. Targeting the wrong keywords The search engines work to deliver the most relevant pages based on the keywords entered into the system. With this in mind understanding which keywords will generate the greatest return on your investment is critical. custodia cover samsung Choosing the right keywords is more than simply a guessing game, rather the process of reviewing your competitors and of course utilising the relevant tools to ensure your chosen keywords deliver the results you planned for. Utilising the Title Tag & Meta Description Without a doubt one of the most important areas of Seo is ensuring the title tag matches that of your keywords . Ensuring the relevant keywords are placed in the title will make a big difference. custodia cover samsung Likewise the Meta description, Meta keywords no longer hold their weight, however writing a Meta description for each page is a sign of quality Seo and gives your pages that extra millage when pushing your way up through the search engines. Flash & Java Script menus Flash websites are certainly more attractive than standard html websites; however the bottom line is the search engines cannot read them like the traditional html websites. Likewise with java script menus, the search engines are constantly looking for links to follow and java script menus practically makes those links invisible. Quality Navigation It stands to reason when you are putting together your web pages; it should provide the user with a quality navigation structure to ensue they always know exactly where they are within the website. custodia cover iphone A quality navigation structure not only ensures the user has a more enjoyable experience whilst visiting your website, it also ensure that the website appears more transparent to the search engines. The importance of a sitemap Ensuring your website is transparent is important; both for the user and of course the search engines. You want the spiders that find your website to know exactly which pages are important. With this in mind setting up a web master tools account and submitting a sitemap to the likes of Google will ensure that when your website is crawled, each page of importance is found and indexed. Keywords in your domain name. The objective is to ensure your keywords are placed in as many places as possible without the website appearing like spam. custodia iphone This also includes in the domain name. Quality keyword rich content Any one who has done just a little research into ranking high with the search engines quickly learns the reality that content is queen and back links are king. The search engine’s sole purpose is to find a relevant web page based on the end users enquiry. With this in mind it stands to reason that ensuring your website has sufficient content rich copy is critical. Deceiving the search engines is a dangerous game. custodia cover iphone However if you write for the end user, rather than the search engines whilst remembering which keywords to add to your copy, you are certainly off to a flying start.

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