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Did you know Google has expectations???

Posted by admin in Blog,General Web Marketing on 14th May 2009

We all know having your website found on Google UK is of massive importance. Whether you are selling a product or a service, the simple reality is that when the right key phrases are typed into Google and your website is found, you seriously increase your ability to make a profit from potential customers. With the above in mind, business owners tend to opt for search engine optimisation or pay per click to drive targeted traffic to their websites. Pay per click is without a doubt the quicker return for your investment; However with PPC the moment you take the pay per click marketing away, your traffic goes with it… Natural search engine optimisation is very different as it more permanent, furthermore not dependent on paying for every click though if budget allows, you would do both.


Yes Google has expectations… FACT: Google succeeds by providing the end user with the information they require. It does not matter if you pay £100 per click, if your website, content and authority does not meet what Google feels valid for their end users, you wont be shown. custodia cover samsung Both in terms of SEO and PPC! YOUR WEBSITE Google has an interest in your website as a whole, nevertheless your website is built up of nothing more than individual web pages. custodia iphone Google is interested in the UNIQUE & INFORMATIVE content that builds up your website and as such gives Google the reassurance that your website is an authority and of interest to the end user. Never dilute your website. custodia iphone That is have one page about recruitment and another page promoting swimming baths. Do yourself Pokies a favour create two websites. LANDING PAGES Whether pay per click marketing or SEO, make sure each page is specific to what that end user is looking for. Make sure that the Google add contains the same content on the web page as it does on the add. Example, “Telesales job in Manchester” ensure the web page has the content “Telesales job in Manchester” TAKE ACTION Do not assume the user will know what to do when they arrive at your website! Use features like Apply now or request further information. custodia iphone Guide them or loose them!

    Google finds this of interest and so does your potential customer.

NICHE TERMS, NICHE TERMS, NICHE TERMS Broad search terms are expensive, harder to rank and not necessary – the term “web marketing” may cost £3.00 per click and likewise take two years to naturally rank for. However “Web marketing Manchester” may only cost £0.50 and can rank in three months.. Tip – when bidding on Google for key phrases. custodia cover iphone Avoid broad bidding and aim for exact phrases. custodia cover iphone You save money and only get the traffic you are looking for. FIGHTING FOR THE TOP SPOT. Don’t be obsessive about the top spot. iphone hoesje People search through at the least the first three/four. Likewise with pay per click.

    Do throw cash at Google to give you a higher rank.

Let the competitor layout the costs of 1st position. It is just as effective being at position three. BE CREATIVE. Finally avoid the same old boring content, think of ways to interest your potential customer. If your selling another credit card. Forget about ranking for (example- not factual data) “low rate credit card”, rather consider creating a topic about how ridiculous credit card rates are… Generating interest by being creative…

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