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Improve your business by listening

Posted by admin in Database Development on 27th September 2011

Improve your business by listening to those who matter.

Strategy four | Improve your business by listening to those who matter.

Over the years my experience as a web designer and marketer has highlighted a number of things.

For example understanding that the consumers decision is based on specific factors. Those factors may include Keeping it simple, No overuse of flash, A fast website platform, Good navigation structure and Tailored made web pages….

All of which and more gives the business a better chance of making a sale.

But what happens when you go live and conversion is just not there?

Who do you listen to? Where do you go?

Today newsletter is entitled “Improve your business by listening to those who matter.” and the reason for that is simply this. Your ability to convert is only as good as your business plan, and a concrete business plan understands their target market – Fully.

In most cases I would argue that those successful businesses outthere truly understood their market before they even started the web build.

Tips to take away

Before you start designing and building, ensure you have done your research, that is survey the market. Do enough surveys to ensure YOU are convinced of the direction of the business. Do enough research that even your bank manager would see the business is bullet proof – The more in communication you get with your target market, the greater your chances are of success. Always remember it costs nothing to introduce yourself to someone and find out what they need.

Understanding your potential customer is VITAL. After all, they are your potential customers.

  • Survey the market
  • Make a list of the vital questions that must be understood.
  • Sign up to a free survey tool online
  • Post mini polls on Linkedin and Facebook

Until next week, happy marketing.

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