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A little deep for a Sunday evening

Posted by admin in Blog,Business Matters on 31st May 2009

I don’t know about you, but it certainly seems true that at times we can loose our focus on our goals and aspirations. We become sidetracked, become influenced by others, or simply feel the world outside is too great a force to reckon with? As I sit here, at Ridicules o’clock in the morning wondering the key point is to this mail out I recall some of the most valuable information to date I have been given and it goes like this…. When Thomas A. custodia cover iphone Edison was asked about his failed attempts to create the light bulb, he replied “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Thomas A. iphone hoesje Edison like many visionaries saw a possibility, a goal to achieve, a goal that would change the world, and despite the odds, he made that vision a reality, a reality that we all take for granted every single day. To achieve something great, we must persist until we achieve what we set out to achieve. That is FREEDOM and it is perfect. I leave you now with the following few pointers & I wish you the greatest of weeks. 1. custodia iphone Begin with the end in mind – That is, when you get the idea to do something, focus only on the end goal. Not the chaos of how. 2. Write yourself a mission statement, a reason/purpose for why you do what you do! It is a great way to ensure you do not loose focus or get side tracked. custodia cover samsung Make sure the mission statement is in constant view. custodia iphone 3. custodia cover iphone Figure out what things if done every day will bring the greatest return, ensuring your success. Picking up a phone and supporting an existing customer as an example. 4. Once understood what will bring the greatest return for your success set weekly goals and monthly quotas to meet and exceed. 5. Every morning create a to do list and tick off each action as it is completed. 6. Every single day you do this; give yourself a pat on the back. You are doing a great job. Until next week, happy marketing. The team at UK Best Web Marketing.

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